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Clearone - Technical Specialist (2 Days), Sales Specialist (1 Day)

In this instructor led class we provide a technical overview of ClearOne's Pro Audio Conferencing products including the Converge Pro series. In addition, we cover audio conferencing design considerations and technologies such as acoustic echo cancellation. The class features a live and in-depth demonstration of Console software, demonstrating system features and configuration of the Converge Pro products.

The Technical Specialist course is approved for 8.0 RU's for InfoComm's CTS, CTS-D and CTS-I certifications.

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Training is also being provided on exciting new EAW products such as the UX8800 & UX3300 digital processor providing EAW Focusing for an ever-growing list of current EAW loudspeakers. It's all topped off with a demonstration of EAW's latest technologies and products in action.

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Smaart - Technical (3 Days)

We provide training courses, hardware products/packages, and professional consulting for the specialized field of sound system measurement, analysis, and alignment. In other words: the education, tools, and expertise that further the art and science of system optimization.

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Symetrix - Technical & Sales (1 Day)

Train and certify on the SymNet Edge platform with SymNet Composer Training. The training will cover all aspects of hardware and software, and provide fundamental programming and design concepts.

SymNet Edge Training is certified for 4.0 INFOCOMM CTS RU.

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WOW Vision - Sales & Tech (4 Hours)

Training is provided to provide dealers the confidence to efficiently setup and support a single Veos unit, or up to systems with multiple units through-out a corporation.

The training will also provide dealers the ability to educate their End-User customer to be able to perform a myriad of tasks without the complexity of being well versed in the technicalities; experiencing a positive kind of disconnection from the processes involved, and focusing on delivering and receiving content.

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SynAudCom Logo NEW! SynAudCon - Web-Based Training

Production Audio Video Technology is proud to recommend SynAudCon's professional audio industry training resources. Having a history that stretches back many years in pro audio, SynAudCon have a long established reputation for providing the most comprehensive, accurate and accessible audio training available.
Long renowned for their in-person seminars, SynAudCon are now offering web-based training, of which five courses are currently available.

How Sound Systems Work (Course 50)
This course is our answer to the question “What do I need to know to effectively use a sound system?” Price: $199 USD

Principles Of Audio (Course 100)
Do you understand the theory well enough so you can reason your way through a problem? If not, this course is for you. Price: $249 USD

Transformer-Distributed Loudspeaker Systems (Course 110)
You have heard terms like “constant voltage” and “70 V systems”. This course demonstrates how these systems work, and how to design and troubleshoot them. $199 USD

Audio Applications - System Optimization and Equalization (Course 200)
Principles of Audio and How Sound Systems Work established the vocabulary and principles necessary to put together an audio system. This course will help you optimize it! Price: $299 USD

Sound Reinforcement for Designers (Course 300)
This course covers the fundamentals of loudspeaker selection and placement based on achieving acceptable speech intelligibility in reverberant spaces. Price: $399 USD

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